Tech support

Technical assistance for PCs and laptops.
If something goes wrong with your computer, such as:

  • does the tricks
  • stops abruptly
  • is slow as death
  • opens windows randomly
  • mouse and keyboard move on their own
  • periodically a chick appears on the screen winking and stripteasing
  • inadvertently deleted files and you want to recover them back
  • the mouse freezes
  • neverlasting boot
  • smells of smoke
  • the icons are extremely large or extremely small
  • you cannot operate an external device (card reader, scanner, printer, smartphone, etc.)
  • reboots automatically
  • shows blue screen of death (BSOD)
  • alarming messages appear on the screen claiming that you need to scan for viruses
  • ... or something else

TechNyquist can help. These are all problems that have arisen along my work experience. Really. Not all, it's impossible to list all PC issues.
Any PC issue can be analyzed, and in most cases fixed, even when it looks doomed.

Describe the problem and you will be told whether it is solvable or not, and what it would require for the job, both as an indicative time that as charge.
This is one thing I want to pay attention to: the resolution time is indicative because unexpected failure reasons could be in thousands, so what is being given is a time that gives an idea of ​​what it will take to fix it.

Also, right because it is a highly professional service, if the amount is fixed, it remains fixed even though it takes more time to complete the job. If the amount is intended in time, it is charged only if the intervention achieves a resolution, even partial or palliative, of the problem. If your computer returns as it was brought, only € 20 will be charged for the call, regardless of the time it took.
This is to show that if a job is not in the possibilities (though unlikely) it is not taken, rather redirected where you can have a safer solution.

So if the PC has a problem, or it seems like a problem and you want to hear a technician knowing whether it is serious or you are living well, do not be shy and use the form in the contact section to get quick and free advice. Do not be afraid, I am
nice. Really.


I develop web sites. I do it by hand. I know what I do. This site you are surfing I did it by hand.
I have developed so many websites in my story (of the order of the dozens), but unfortunately not all are visible at the moment. Not for my own fault, the companies that commited them just blowed.
What types of websites did I do? Well, I did:

  • static websites
  • advertising websites
  • e-commerce websites
  • administrative websites
  • user interfaces
  • online management
  • forums
  • online tools
  • ... and who knows what else I do not remember

Even mixed with each other: very often I create e-commerce integrated into the advertising website, so you do not leave the main theme of the site, or the company, while making purchases.

When I decided to run on my own, I first looked around a bit to see the situation and I saw that there are several people who make websites. Really many. Often even the most unsuspectables. Then I was trying to think about what could I do give people something different from competitors. Have been difficult days those. It's all that after all, what do you want to give different?
In the meantime, I had the chance to duel with someone in order to convince the customer to make the website with me rather than the competitor. I did not always succeed. Cannot be always me the one that works. But something it's always been (at least so far): when the customer get the website he ordered, he notify me or I get in knowledge of it, I open it, and I'm already familiar with it, so with a couple of master strokes I find that the site bought with thousands of euros is nothing more than a installation of "WordPress" or "Joomla" or similar, with a template bought from an online template store. Such as, always the same damned website and graphic. They're all the same.
Now for those who are not aware of them: "WordPress", "Joomla", "Drupal", "Magento" etc. they are all open-source frameworks, which are platforms free for download from Internet, are installed on the server and the skeleton of a site is ready. Just go into the configuration and set some elementary parameters.
Instead, the templates are beautiful and ready to go page layouts, which can be bought from various online store, and that generally they range between € 20 and € 60. You install the template in the framework you are using (those "WordPress", "Joomla" and so on) through their administration interface, insert the customer's texts (always through the framework interface) and the website is ready to sell.
There is not even a line of code at all.
A job that anyone can do, just like anyone does.
Anyway, it's not a problem by itself, if one works like this and the customer is fine, who am I to object something, right? However, the trouble comes when there are special customer requests. Often to customer questions such as: "Can you put this menu instead that here, down here?" or "Can you add a button here that goes there?", the website maker responds: "Er no, unfortunately it is not possible.", true story.
Here, and it's where I get bored. Because the answer should be "Yes, of course it can be done!". Only that he cannot say it, because often those that build up using frameworks and templates blindly do not even know how to put two lines of code in a row. He often looks for desperate help on forums hoping that some holy soul tells him by thread and by sign what to do to achieve the job. O God.

That's where I realized where I am different. I am a programmer. I know perfectly what is code, who it works and how to use it to do whatere I want. The websites I do are done by hand from beginning to end. Over the years I have developed my proprietary technology, a PHP framework that I use to create customer websites. Yes, I use a framework, but I have not blindly downloaded it from the internet, I've shaped it, personally, in 3 years of hard work, and is still in development and improves at each project. If there is a problem, any, I know exactly where and how to put hand to fix it: I did it, it can not be otherwise.
This is my difference: I'm a software programmer dealing with computer science and developing websites, proof of the school qualification, the on field experience and the passion for this job.

That said.
Would you like to have a website? How does making a website work?
Then, to make the website you must first understand what you want to do:

  • Do you need a representation to write your contacts and use it more as a business card?
  • Do you need to advertise, show your products, and attract people to your store or business?
  • Do you need to get people to buy your products directly from the site?
  • Do you need to write what you think, free or targeted thoughts for some kind of business or hobby?
  • Do you need to implement an online service for people? A bit like Google, Facebook and so on?

It's important to know what kind of product you want, since on that much depends what will be the final price.
When customers ask me how much a website costs, I usually say, "From € 300 to positive infinity." Because the services in addition to a webite can be infinite. Starting from the assumption that virtually everything can be done (since I'm a craftsman of the code and I can craft whatever I want), the most determining factor is the available budget.
Delivery times are variable and greatly depend on each project (definitely building the coliseum did not require the same time of the sidewalk in front of it), however, on average it is around 2 months. But it must be considered as just an idea, actually can be much more or much less than this.

Keep in mind that TechNyquist keeps up to date on what's new technology, and in fact every site I've produced has, as a minimum, responsive layouts and the ability to be displayed and navigated correctly on any device, including mobile.

To make a website you need to get in contact with me, I need to talk to understand what has to be done. To that will follow a quote with one contract, that if signed and returned the work starts with the production of images as drafts for the graphic design of layout of the website. Chosen the preferred draft (with the various preferences to apply to these it), the production of the website itself begins.
Without fear, use the contact section to request me the work, counseling and budgeting are completely free. Do not be afraid, I will not judge you. I have already seen so many things before. If you have the glimmer in the head of wanting to make a website please contact me and let me know, then do not worry will be me worrying about asking you questions.

Desktop application

I'm a C++ programmer.
I'm absolutely capable of creating desktop applications that can do the most of things.
Do you need a management software? Does your company need a utility program that can help a part of the chain?
TechNyquist has the necessary skills with C++ and Object Oriented programming, in order to realize any kind of C++ application. Except for 3D. Unfortunately I still miss 3D, but it is a gap that I will have to fill over time.
In my work history I created:

  • shoemakers management
  • email invitations
  • management software for phone line provider business
  • interfaces between desktop applications and remote servers
  • network communication tools
  • solfeggio training tools
  • award-winning contest management software with SMS processing
  • industrial automation interfaces
  • embedded applications for serial communication
  • ... and more than I can remember.

If you will to make a desktop application, use the contact section to get in touch and define what you need. Everything that passes through your head is likely to be feasible, ask me and I'll tell you if it is so.

Another important section of TechNyquist, which does not act on commission, but on its own, is the PCs oriented video games production section. Currently "HAV" is in development, it will be announced as soon as further details are forthcoming.

All purposes

Finally, as a service, we provide assistance or collaboration with everything is about computers and informatics.
It would be limitative to say that I only deal with PC assistance, sites and desktop applications. Actually working for more than 10 years with the PCs, It is normal that you get knowledge of much the stuff around it, so if you need help to do something that it's about the computer but it is not listed in this "Services" section, you can ask me anyway and if I have enough preparation on the subject I'll be glad to help you. Do not worry about the price, I would let you know before the start. But keep in mind that the "urgent" component usually provides for an increase.
Let me give you some examples of possible questions, just to give you some idea:

  • create a PowerPoint presentation
  • back up PC data to an external hard-drive
  • support for configuring some third party device or service
  • educational courses on PCs or programming
  • tutoring on purchasing technology equipment
  • computer private lesson
  • password recovery of some online service
  • installing programs on your PC
  • computer checkup
  • retouch an image with GIMP
  • create simple video editing with Movie Maker
  • retouch audio files with Audacity
  • ...and anything else that does not come to mind now.

TechNyquist regularly organizes advanced courses on PC usage. If you are interested, or want to ask for help for any other type of computer and informatic needs, use the contact section to define the job or request information. Just note me as your trusted computer guy, the one with glasses on and a little chubby, which wanders through the company to solve issues with computers, printers, networks, etc. Saving many human lives. That's it, that guy.
I'm actually a boy, I wear glasses and I'm a bit chubby, so you do not have to work so hard to imagine me as such.

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