It was 2006 when I graduated at the Fermo State Industrial Technical Institute (ITIS), with my good computer diploma in hand, when I was unaware of my total inability to code properly.

More than 10 years have passed. It's been for more than 10 years that I code. If I could have a penny for every line of code that I wrote now I would probably be a millionaire. But that's not the case.
I worked in the field of photography, worked in the field of shoemaking management, I worked with IP PBX, worked with networks, worked with serial communications, worked with the most disparate low-level network protocols, I worked with routers, I worked with Linux servers, I worked with databases, I worked with sites, so many sites, I worked in industrial automation, I worked in embedded developing, and all those I'm probably forgetting right now.

My craft tools are C++ and PHP. However, in my job history I found myself developing with also: Ruby, Javascript, HTML, CSS, SQL, Ladder, C#, Java, OMRON Ladder, batch, SH, and what else. Countless frameworks and protocols.

In just 10 years I accumulated a very big lot of experience.
I believe that I have now acquired that manual mastery of craftsmen. That's why I like to call myself a software handicraftsman. I do not stick to the rules written in the books, I like to experiment, try, go further, never forgetting to be standard. There is no end to the skill that a man can acquire, which is why I will probably never stop learning. Indeed, I'm proud of the experience I have gained with tens of thousands of coding hours.
I put all my experience on the desk at the service of those who need it.

At this point let me expose a regret. Not everyone knows that there are free frameworks on the Internet (such as WordPress, Joomla, Magento, etc.) that allow you to put up a site within a week.
I've seen dozens of people rely on people working this way, ending up paying thousands of euros for a site ... pretty much ready, pretty much the same for everyone. It's much like going to a bake shop and buying a cheesecake at €120, but it's Cameo cheesecake, the one where you adds the milk, the stove, and it's done. I do not want to say that the Cameo cheesecake isn't worth €120, but at the supermarket you find it at €5 and with a pound of patience you get it equally, if not even better.
Let's mean, technically there is nothing wrong with all this. If you want to buy a Cameo cheescake at € 120, do it. But I personally prefer to give 120 euros to a real pastry that makes me a perfectly done.

That's why I do not use open-source frameworks blindly from the Internet . In 3 years of hard work I have developed my personal PHP framework from scratch, and that's what I use to build my websites with great satisfaction.
Do you ask what's TechNyquist best feature? TechNyquist develops software artisanally. It does it by hand. It knows exactly what it is doing. It's a pure programmer, it studied form school for that. He knows the potentialities and limitations of his possibilities, and he pushes himself to get new satisfactions and new motives of pride.

Asking a service at TechNyquist means putting yourself in the hands of solid software experience, entrusting yourself with the pure professionalism of who codes consciously for so many years, and does it with all the passion.

How has the adventure started with programming? Well, with the will to create my own video games, of course.

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